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It is time for a review. This time I got to test the galleryblock of vakcolor! They where able to plan delivery on my birthday so it felt like a present! Thank you so much Vakcolor! 

Also want to order a beautiful gallery block? Vakcolor made a reductioncoupon specially for the readers of my blog! Read on to find out how to use the reduction coupon!

The package

I always love to see how careful products get packaged by suppliers. Every single one of them make an effert to do this careful. In a big cardboard box my package arrived. Out of that cardboardbox came a somewhat smaller whitebox that was kept in place with plastic bags filled with air. And from that white box came the gallery block. I recon the white box is very convenient when you want to expose your artwork somehwere and need to take the work with you. You can take your photograph along while it is fairly well protected against bumps and falling (onto a certain level ofcourse) and the package is still compact around the print. The supplier already promised me unpacking would feel like unwrapping a gift and it was true!


To order you need to register to the website. But if you have your account you can upload your photograph and choose from different options. I think the ordering process could be streamlined a bit more. You can choose the thickness in the upper right corner: 20mm; 25mm or 40mm. And then you have to choose from a dropdown menu with all the formats. These formats are ordered on a numeric value rather than being orderd from biggers to smallest (or the other way around). So you see the sizes bigger than a meter at the top and after those you first see the smallest sizes going to the bigger sizes. I think it would be better if those sizes would be ordered by size instead of numeric value. But you can still find your way with this menu.

When you put your product in the basked you can check out and pay. You get e-mail updates on when the product is produced, send and when you can expect your product. After ordering the waiting begins as always!

What is a galleryblock?

On the website of Vakcolor they state the following:

Wat is een Galerijblok dan precies?

Op de website vermeldt Vakcolor het volgende:

Unleash the creative shackles and add a splash of colour to the walls with the Gallery Block. Epitomising the notion of ‘customisable’, make this decorative Wall Product your own by selecting your print finish, size, format, print depth, edge finish and your design template. The back of the Gallery Block is finished with a black backing card and a saw tooth hanger with black rubber bumpers.

When I hold this product it gives the same kind of feeling a canvas does because of the thickness of the product. The material reminds a bit about canvas because of the structure. Yet it is not really the same as canvas. The product feels more robust and firmer. Canvas has been spun on a wooden frame whereas this product has material behind the photograph. The print has been glued onto another material. The photograph looks taut and straight. Also the corners have a different finish from canvas. With a regular canvas the cornes have been folded and you see some double material and with the gallery block the corners are very tight and neat. There is only a straight line right in the corner.

The photograph
The photograph on this gallery block is the one below and I made it in Austria. The photograph is fresh, the mountains look amazing in the background and the cheerfullness of the horse really is convaied clearly. It was a little party to unpack this photograph. It stays special to see my photograph being printed every time. A printed photograph gives a very different dynamic to the photograph as opposed to seeing it on screen! It’s not for nothing that I always advice people to print the photographs they are proud of or happy with!
Hanging a print on the wall brings you back to that moment, to that feeling every time you see it. It brings a bit of hapiness.
And was I cold during this trip? Well.... sometimes but less than I would have thought!Click To Tweet

With this photo I know how well I prepared myself for the most cold trip ever. I had multiple gloves, because more layers = more warmth. I got heatpacks so I could warm my frozen hands a bit when needed. I borrowed two pair of skiing pants, thermocloths, thermoboots, scarves and heads. Name anything and I borrowed or bought it so I could bring it with my on this very cold trip……

And then I was in Austria. The sun was shining and you know what? I was able to sit on the terrace without a jacket, a world opened itself for me! Because I never really went on a wintersport trip I never really experienced this. In Holland it is always so cold when it snows, so that was my reference. And now it turns out it can feel very warm, almost like summer, even though there is snow. I did not know what was happening. I enjoyed this trip thoroughly because of the unexpected warmth. I never anticipated it but now it makes sure I have to smile about it a bit every time I see a photograph from this trip.

And was I cold during this trip? Well…. sometimes but less than I would have thought!

Are there any points of critism?

I think this is a very well finished product. But as always I look at prints very critical too. There is a small point of crisitm I could call out. And that is the print has been spun a bit too far over the edge. When you look at the side you see a small line. But to be honest this is so minimal it is not disturbing at all. And when you hang it on your wall you don’t see it anymore anyway.

Final verdict

This walldecoration looks very robust on the wall. When you have this hanghing you really have something hanging! When I talked about what product to review with vakcolor they told me the would rather have me review this product as opposed to canvas and I can see why this was the alternative. The product has a bit of a canvas feel because of the thickness and the structure on the photograph. But the photo itself looks a bit “sharper” than a regular canvas with most suppliers. I think the gallery block is a very good alternative for everyone who wants to have something like a canvas but just slightly different. It’s almost the same but the finish is a bit more chique.

So do you like a firm and robust product on your wall? And do you want anything that is like a canvas but just a little bit more chique? Than take a look at the gallery block of vakcolor! And this supplier has many more products in their assortment. Take a look at the website of vakcolor for more information ;).

Reduction coupon!

Specially for this blogpost Vakcolor made a reduction coupon. o you want to print our most special photo onbsuch a beautiful product as the galelery block? Order yours before August the first of 2018 and receive a discount of 10%! Use the code GALLERYBLOCK10 at checkout.

kortingscode 10% galerijblok vakcolor

This blogpost has been produced in collaboration with vakcolor

Deze blogpost is gemaakt in samenwerking met vakcolor

Tired of the same old canvas every time? Try a gallery block from vakcolor! Want to know what I thought about this product? Read my blogpost!
Tired of the same old canvas every time? Try a gallery block from vakcolor! Want to know what I thought about this product? Read my blogpost!
Tired of the same old canvas every time? Try a gallery block from vakcolor! Want to know what I thought about this product? Read my blogpost!

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