The most magical ride I ever made!

Photo’s can tell a story without the use of words, that’s the power of this visual medium. But the story behind the image can just be as interesting as the photograph itself.

Behind a photograph a whole world can be hidden. You may never know what a photographer has had to do to get that one picture. It could have taken months or even years to get that one shot planned and prepared or maybe it was a lucky shot. The photographer could have encountered numerous adventures or maybe a picture was taken on a regular walk after work in the backyard.

It’s always lots of fun to read about the story behind a photograph. That’s why I’m creating this blogseries. I’m going to give all the blogs of this series the category  the story behind… so you can easily find all the blogs. And to start things off, I will first tell a story about one of my own photographs as I have plenty of stories to tell too!  And I always like to tell about this story!

Photo's can tell a story without the use of words, that's the power of this visual medium. But what is the story behind the photograph?Click To Tweet

My trip to magical Tunesia was my very first trip outside of Europe. Within Europe I already had plenty of travel experience but this felt very different anyway! When the plain started it’s descend and the beautiful Djerban landscape fly by you could already see this country is so different from anything I had seen in Europe. The yellow-redisch sand, the palmtree’s, the desert-vibe…. Amazing!

I have to favourite photograpghic times of the day: Sunrise and sunset. The quality of the light completely changes, the sun is low so the light turns gold en yellow and there are amazing displays in the sky I feel so much love for these two times of the day. Not taking into account you have to get up really, really, really early for sunrise, that’s one of the disadvantages of this time of day. But I need to be honest…. Everytime I got up and I am photographing I’m (almost all the time) happy I did it and left my warm and cozy bed.

Ofcourse I planned a sunrise session for this trip too, on “flamingo beach”. To make sure we would arrive before sunrise with the horses, automatically meant we had to ride them through the dark to the beach. The alarm went off before 5 in the morning. With sleep in my eyes I went to the horses and helped the people from the stable saddle them. Softly the horses neighed when we mounted them and with nothing more to light our way than the silver rays of the full moon to guide our way. Far away the wild dogs started to howl to each other and at around 5 the morning prayers start at the mosks. The signing from the mosks gave the feeling of riding through a thousand-and-one-night eastern fairytail. It was magnificent! It was the best ride of my life!

And when we arrived at the beach, in the dark before sunrise… The sun showed all her beautiful colors while I could photograph the horses galopping out of the ocean. It was an incredible experience! One to never-ever forget!

In this blogpost about my travel to Tunesia you can read more and take a look at all the beautiful photographs from this trip!

Photo's can tell a story without the use of words, that's the power of this visual medium. But the story behind the image can just be as interesting as the photograph itself.

What photographer would you like to see back in this blogseries?

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Thank you so much for sharing this story! It was lovely to read!

I would very much like to read stories about some of my favourite equine photographers!
LIke Lisa Dijk, Spanishvision, Katja Druz and Liga Lipina!