Prints matter!

In a digital world, where it is easy to make so many photographs you quickly forget to look back at the made pictures. That is why it is so important to print your best and most treasured photographs. IN a fast and digital world, those analogue photographs make a big impression. And the effect is even stronger when the photograph itself is breathtaking and of high quality. A photoprint like that becomes the eyecatcher and you can talk about the photograph. You can see it but also people who visit can ask about the story behind the picture.

I have photo’s printed in my house too, made during my travels. Every time someone visits me I can tell them about the incredible journey as they ask about the picture. There are so many different stories to tell around one photograph. That is what makes it so versatile! Because I think printing photographs is so important, I spent a lot of time ant attention to finding the right suppliers. I went to different photography fairs, visited suppliers and ordered test prints before I had enough faith in the suppliers I choose to work with. Because of this, I can promise my clients their print will be of high quality. I don’t want to send out just anything! If you decide to have one of my prints in your home I want you to be able to say with pride: “I ordered this print at Merel Bormans Photography!”

Prices below are excluding shipping costs.


15 x 20 cm € 9,-
20 x 30 cm € 14,-
30 x 40 cm € 23,-
50 x 70 cm € 34,-


30 x 40 cm € 75,-
50 x 70 cm € 125,-
60 x 90 cm € 159,-
80 x 120 cm € 215,-*


30 x 40 cm € 79,-
50 x 70 cm € 137,-
60 x 90 cm € 169,-


30 x 40 cm € 89,-
50 x 70 cm € 159,-
60 x 90 cm € 219,-

Digitale bestanden

Low resolution € 9,-
Medium resolution € 39,-
High resolution € 79,-