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Curious about my blog?


Welcome on my website. Right now this website is under construction but you can look around. You can encounter the following things: Text are not right or translated yet, links don’t work, pages you might expect are not in place yet, etc.
Take your time to look around and take a look at my portfolio below!






5 tips – Backup your photo´s
Je kunt deze post ook in het Nederlands lezen! You hear it often: Hard disks crashes, all photo's gone. Unsavable, or against a high price...
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You should follow these 10 equine photography accounts under 10k on instagram
1. @LisaDijkPhotography Lisa Dijk is a photographer who takes light, cheerful and colourful photographs. I've traveled with her on a lot of occasions, but even...
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Product review – Vakcolor – Gallery block
It is time for a review. This time I got to test the galleryblock of vakcolor! They where able to plan delivery on my birthday so...
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7 essential tips to take amazing silhouette photo’s
A good silhouette photograph might be one of my favourite things! You have the subject ofcourse but can also do something with the background. I...
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Help!! Horse on the loose?!
You know the photographs, the horse seems to run in total freedom in a beautiful area. Would a horse really be running in total freedom?...
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Learn the secret of black background photographs now
Have you always wondered how those photographs with a black background are made, also known as blackphotos? Is it photoshop? Is it magic? Or does...
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The most magical ride I ever made!
Photo's can tell a story without the use of words, that's the power of this visual medium. But the story behind the image can just...
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Let’s focus! by Marit Hilarius
Recently one of my colleage photographers Marit Hilarius (known for her many tutorials and blogs) published her own book with the name "Let's focus -...
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Get to know me

get to know me. As a photographer I love to go on adventures! The feeling you get when on a photography mission can't be described.
As a photographer I love to go on adventures! The feeling you get when on a photography mission can’t be described. When you are standing in between the horses and they are galloping all around you, flying mane, snorting noses, beating hooves and just one chance to get the right shot! *click* …. YES, you immidiately feel you have that one shot! That feeling is such a kick!

That is what I love most about photography! Animals, unlike people, can’t be directed. You will have to take the situation and make the most of it. Some elements can be put to your advantage if you know how. And walking away time and time again with beautiful photographs is the best feeling.

And I want you to learn all about this, to be able to read about my adventures but also to shed some light on how to achieve magnificent shots. I want you to grow your photography too. So please join me and I’ll tell you all about what I know about photography. Don’t be shy to ask any questions because I’ll happily answer them! That’s another thing I love doing: helping other people. Want to stay up to date about all my new blogposts and learn more about photography? Join my newsletter! As a bonus you receive a free e-course about the basics of photography and you also receive updates about all the more detailed posts I make on this blog.

On this blog I will write about the knowledge I build up during over 20 years of being into photography. I read upon numerous articles, found a bazillion webpages with valuable information and devoured photography book upon photography book and learned loads of stuff by just looking at the photographs from my favourite photographers.

My photography passion started at a very young age. I was about eight or nine when I first was gifted a simple point-and-shoot camera on my birthday. I photographed everything that appeared in front of my lens. And it did not take long for me to discover I had a passion for photographing animals. My mother and I often visited the zoo and made (analogue) photographs there with her SLR. I still remember the anticipation after filling a filmrol. You had to have it developped and it always took some time for that to happen. That’s quit different from todays technology where you have instant gratification when you shoot a scene. You can immidately see what kind of shot you make. Anyway, when the photographs where developed me and my mother always started to discuss the photographs. What was well done about them and what could be improved? She certainly is the founder of my photography. She developed my critical eye for photography and encouraged me to gain more and more knowledge everywhere.

I’m a 30 year old mother of two boys, Finten and Wander and together with my husband and two cats (Gin and Tonic) we live in the beautiful city of Amersfoort. It’s right smack-in-the-middle of Holland and let me tell you, it is a great place to live! We have loads of friends and family living nearby. In my day-to-day life I work as a functional application manager but in the evening when my children are sleeping I love to write in my blog or do some research on how to better myself even more as a photographer.

When I’m not at work and not working on my photography or blog I love to spend my time with friends. Nothing beats a shared meal, a movienight or a joined vacation! Furthermore I love to try out new things to eat. It’s always a pleasure to find new recipes and prepare them (for my family and/or friends). I love to try out new things (have you ever eaten crocodile, ostrich, kangaroo, pidgeon, escargot or …. you know …. name it….. ?).

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Incredible India 2017
My tour to INCREDIBLE INDIA. What an incredible oppertunity I got! It litteraly took years, but Januari 2017 it was finaly time. I went on...
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Sneeuw, dat is natuurlijk de droom van iedere paardenfotograaf. En waar kan je dat beter fotograferen dan in Oostenrijk? Het was nog erg spannend of...
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Al snel na de reis naar Ameland was er sprake van het maken van een tweede reis. ook dese reis maakte ik samen met Lisa...
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Berghof Rod 2015
De tweede fotoreis van Horse Photo Experience, met deelnemers, is een feit! We hebben leuke deelnemers mee gehad, prachtig weer en een fantastische fotoreis! dag...
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De reis naar Tunesië
Tijdens deze reis was ik onderdeel van de begeleiding van Horse Photo Experience, we zijn richting het magische Djerba, Tunesië gegaan met een aantal deelnemers....
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Schlossgestüt Nienover
Deze reis heb ik samen met Lisa Dijk en Marlinda van der Spek gemaakt. De weersvoorspellingen zagen er zo slecht uit, veel regen met maar...
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Outdoor session – An outdoorsession is meand for horses and other (big) pets and takes place on location. Together we will choose the most suitable place to capture the photographs you want to get. I travel through all of Holland and abroud!

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Photo products – After the session you want to have a guaranteed great result. I offer those in the form of amazing photoproducts. You can always be sure to have something beautiful on your wall, to look to for years to come!

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