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The drive to photograph started early in my youth. I was still young when I got my first simple camera as a birthday present. I photographed everything I could and was more than happy when pets where available to be photographed. But I also did sessions with my family on birthday parties.

Soon after I started photographing in the zoo with an (analogue) SLR. I still know how the anticipation was when you had to wait for the photographs to get developed. My mother and I used to review the photographs and she is the founder of my photography passion. She learned me a lot, like the critical view you need to improve my photography. And she gave me enough knowledge to be able to go and learn more by myself.

And now, when I’m between the horses, mane flying by, hooves beating on the ground and the vibrations reaching you, only one shot to take that perfect moment…. *click*, YES, this is it! What a kick! That’s what I love most about photography! You cannot tell animals to pose like you can tell humans, so you’ll have to use the situation to your full advantage and make the circumstances even better. To be able to get beautiful photographs from that, every single time is the best feeling! Want to read a bit more? You can look at my blog

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