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When making such a magical trip as to India, about which you can read more in this blogpost, a beautiful photobook should be made!

Because I love to try out new supplies I teste a photobook of FotoFabriek. They where announced photobooksupplier of 2017 by Radar. This made me curious and I decided to see how this would look in real life. I decided to let my photographs of India get printed by them.


I choose for a book with the following options: An a4 lay-flat hardcover book with UV pages and the barcode will not be added to the book. For more information about the photobooks you can take a look at this page.


The ordering software for the photobooks is easy to use and within no-time I made the book and was ready to order. The fact I choose to fill the pages with one photo made it easier ofcourse. It’s always easier to do than making collages. But the software of Fotofabriek also gives many options for collages without having to prepare your page in another software packes like photoshop.

When I ordered the product, I got an e-mail with a fun little clip of the production process of my own photobook! You can take a look at the clip here. I never saw this before with other suppliers but it did help with the anticipation for the photobook!

Another day later my photobook arrived, neatly packed. What a quick delivery!

The photobook

when I unpack the book, the colors of the cover photo, one of the sunset photos from India, are already splashing at me. The colors are spectacular. When I open the book, the colors of the page also splash there. I am also happy with the lay-flat option that I have chosen, when you leave the book open, the pages remain nice and straight. You can easily print a panorama photo on both pages if you want. I have nothing to criticize about the quality of the book, the prints on the pages and the cover. As far as I am concerned this supplier is definitely recommended with the options I chose for the book.
Below is a photo and a video overview of the photo book.

Thank you FotoFabriek, for this beautiful photo album!


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